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About Us

Water is essential for our lives. Therefore, the need to assess its quality is obvious and critical.

Our journey toward simple ways of controlling water quality started one year ago. It originated from the passion for brewing beer and the need to find out how a particular type of water affects the brewing process. We have learned that measurement of multiple various parameters is required to get a good overview of water quality. But that is a cost- and time-consuming process that often requires the support of an expert.

So, the idea of a portable multisensor started to “bubble up” in our brewery: a smart tool for quick assessment of water quality, measuring all important parameters of water automatically and in real-time.

That idea became the actual product. So now, also companies and private individuals can get a better hold on water quality in their various undertakings in a simple and cost-effective way.

Aquants’ portable multisensor measures several parameters of water quality like: pH, nitrogen, turbidity, salts, or electrical conductivity - as just a few selected examples. These measurements are gathered and made available to the customer immediately online and are also accessible via web and mobile apps in real-time.

Aquants’ passion for high water standards shaped our multisensor. Now, we can help share that passion with small and big customers, be it a home brewery, an aquaponic farm, a large aquarium or a swimming pool. We have condensed expensive expert help into a smart, durable, and portable tool.

The future of mastering water measurements is finally here.

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